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Identify desirable and undesirable garden plants

Bärbel Oftring


100 self-seeding garden plants in detailed portraits How do I distinguish...


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And Now We Save the World

Ilona Koglin, Marek Rohde


The handbook for idealists and unconventional thinkers

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What's Blooming Here?

Marianne Golte-Bechtle, Margot Spohn, Roland Spohn


More than 870 flowers, grasses, trees and bushes are shown in true-to-life,...

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What Is Blooming Here?

Ursula Stichmann-Marny


This nature guide shows the 85 most important native flowers


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What Is Crawling Here?

Bärbel Oftring


Which insects live in our direct environment? How do I build an insect hotel?


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Which Tree Is This?

Holger Haag


In this nature guide we summarize 50 of the most important domestic trees and...


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The Kosmos Guide to Insects


With much worth knowing about the individual species’ behaviour and way of life

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What Lives in Pool, Creek and Pond?

Wolfgang Engelhardt, Peter Martin, Klaus Rehfeld


The most popular guide to bodies of water – completely revised and updated...

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The Art of Tracking and Tracing

Andreas David


This handbook clearly and compactly presents the basic knowledge for the...

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Whales and Dolphins

Ralf Kiefner


As a diver and photographer, the author has had many close encounters with...


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The Calm Dog

Gülay Ücüncü


Impulse control – help for overwrought dogs and their stressed owners

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Dog Walk

Ursula Löckenhoff


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Can You Guess the Bird?

Detlef Singer


This identification guide is perfect for beginners as the color photos depict...

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The Three !!! - Kim's Diary

Sina Flammang, Hanna Wenzel


A graphic novel full of wit, heart and suspense

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The Three ??? Kids - Help, a Ghost Train!

Ulf Blanck, Boris Pfeiffer, Jan Saße


Learning to read is hard? Not with these thrilling stories that are easy to...

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