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Identify desirable and undesirable garden plants

Bärbel Oftring


100 self-seeding garden plants in detailed portraits How do I distinguish...


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And Now We Save the World

Ilona Koglin, Marek Rohde


The handbook for idealists and unconventional thinkers

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Life in a Water Drop

Annegret Bäuerle, Dieter Krauter, Wolfgang Lang, Heinz Streble, Heinz Streble


The special characteristic of the standard work which has been on the market...


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The Calm Dog

Gülay Ücüncü


Impulse control – help for overwrought dogs and their stressed owners

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The Big Kosmos Guide to Mushrooms

Hans E. Laux


With more than 1,200 species and 1,200 photos, The Big Kosmos Guide to...

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The Path to a Successful Hunting Dog

Claudia Fries, Stefanie Reimers


Successful hunting dog training based on the latest insights.

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Day & Night Globe


Globe with alternating effect between a map of the earth and the starry sky


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The Dressage Session

Britta Schöffmann


Structuring a dressage session in a meaningful and systematic way requires...

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The Owls of Europe

Theodor Mebs, Wolfgang Scherzinger


The most current book about all 13 European owl species. The standard...

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My Big Book on Learning How to Ride


The latest standard reference book explains all riding matters: correct...


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Pumuckl goes to school

Natasa Kaiser, Ellis Kaut, Uli Leistenschneider


Learning to read is hard? Not with these thrilling stories that are easy to...

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The three ??? Kids - SOS Scavenger Hunt

Ulf Blanck, Jan Saße, Astrid Schulte


This book includes a unique to do list for all fans of the cult detectives...

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All About Astronomy

Mark Emmerich, Sven Melchert


An easy to understand ‘stroll’ through the universe - with fantastic...

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Dog Walk

Ursula Löckenhoff


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The Kosmos Guide to Spiders

Heiko Bellmann


The most common spiders in the house and garden

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Glow-in-the-Dark Celestial Chart for Beginners

Hermann-Michael Hahn, Gerhard Weiland


This glow-in-the-dark celestial chart shows beginners all important...


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