André Marx, Boris Pfeiffer, Steffen Gumpert


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About the authors

André Marx

André Marx has been writing for The Three ??? since 1997 and inspires both fans of thrillers and reviewers. He masterfully manages to implement mysterious quizzes, thrill and tension in his stories with much linguistic wit.
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Boris Pfeiffer

Boris Pfeiffer is well known by his target group for enthralling series such as The Three ??? and The Wild Pack. He works for the Gripstheater in Berlin and is the author of successful TV series scripts.
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About the Illustrator

Steffen Gumpert

Steffen Gumpert wurde 1975 in Höxter/Westfalen geboren. Er studierte Visuelle Kommunikation an der Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaft und Kunst (HAWK) in Hildesheim und zog nach Aushändigung seines Diploms 2001 nach Berlin, wo er heute mit seiner Familie wohnt und glücklich ist. Seine Schripp...
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The Wild Friends - Off to the Local Pool!

Steffen Gumpert, André Marx, Boris Pfeiffer


Learning to read is hard? Not with these thrilling stories that are easy to...

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