Rüdiger Dorn


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    Age: from 8 Years
    Playing time: 20
    Players: 2
    203x203x49mm (LxWxH)
    EAN: 4002051691066
    Art.-No.: 69106
    In ancient times, there was a blood-red gemstone. Its legend testifies to a different time: when princesses had to defend precious treasures against heroes and trolls. The dragons sought these coveted treasures and werein turn pursued by dragon slayers. Only the dwarves carved out their own world in the mountains. The active player chooses one or more cards of the same type and places it on the appropriate space on the board, subsequently filling his hand back up to 5 cards. By laying cards, you can win cards from adjacent fields. In this way, for example, a dragon played may win all adjacent treasure cards. If a player can play his third dragon hunter, they defeat all the dragons and claim them as their prey. The second hero played protects the princess. At the end of the game the winner will be the player with the most points collected.

    About the author

    Rüdiger Dorn

    Rüdiger Dorn, geboren 1969, lebt mit seiner Frau und den drei Kindern in Süddeutschland. Der Diplom-Handelslehrer hat schon zahlreiche Kinder-, Familien – und Erwachsenenspiele entwickelt, darunter auch viele Kosmos-Spiele.
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