Fiddlestick School Cafeteria - The Gourmet Class Trip

Volume 3

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Kati Naumann, Silvia Baroncelli


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  • Inventive Story about an unusual school cafeteria
  • Told with a great deal of humour and written with heart
Age: from 8 Years
220x158x16mm (LxWxH)
Cover/Layout 30 colour drawings
Pages: 144
EAN: 9783440163696
Art.-No.: 16369
Tilli’s class is going to a hostel for young students. But the advertised luxury youth hostel turns out to be a musty hovel. And why is there a turtle in the pantry? Does the owner want to turn it into turtle soup, maybe? Now only Tilli's grandma Moma can help! When Moma learns of this at home, she doesn’t dilly-dally and loads her old VW bus with food for a week. She also arranges for tents, folds up the tables and chairs and ties everything to the top of the bus. Then she dashes to Tilli and her class ...

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About the author

Kati Naumann

Kati Naumann wrote song lyrics and screen plays, published two novels and developed several successful children's radio play series.
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About the Illustrator

Silvia Baroncelli

Silvia Baroncelli studied at the Fine Arts Academy in Florence. Afterwards whe workeds as Artist in Residence for the British Museum in London. Since 2005 Silvia is a free-lance illustrator. She lives and works in Italy.
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