About us

Franckh-Kosmos Verlags-GmbH & Co. KG, in short KOSMOS publishing house, is a media house in the heart of Stuttgart and equally committed to tradition and modern trends.

Yet, that is not all: over the past years, KOSMOS has been consistently extended to become one of the leading non-fiction and children’s book publishers. Our list comprises a broad spectrum: handbooks, nature guides, other non-fiction books, cookery books, DVDs, digital media, books for children and young adults, games and science kits.

Popular products and brands

Most people are familiar with KOSMOS science kits or such famous brands and award-winning products like What flower is that?, What bird is that?, Settlers of Catan, The three ??? or My secret unicorn. 

Success creates commitment and motivation: We are aware of what our customers and our target groups expect of us. Hence, more than 700 authors develop our innovative products; together with approximately 20,000 trade customers, our business partners and our staff they represent our biggest potential.

KOSMOS guidebooks and the special-interest-programme

Nature, Gardening, Astronomy, Dogs & Pets, Horses & Riding, Food & Drink, Fishing, Hunting, Golf and Diving – our scope of guidebooks is very broad. A handbook on puppy training stands next to longsellers like What flower is that? or What bird is that? – for seven decades reliable book companions through flora and fauna. KOSMOS does not only value and maintain a strong backlist but lays equal emphasis on innovative products. Thus we are the first publisher to offer a completely new generation of nature guides which are specifically tailored to meet modern reading habits and offer additional digital forms of use!


High quality of manufacturing, design and game standard has turned KOSMOS into one of the most successful game producers of the past few years. It is impossible to imagine a game world without the Settlers of Catan (awarded Game of the Year in 1995). No child wants to do without the handy “Bring-mich-mit” games – ideal small gifts to bring along to a birthday party as a surprise. Our concept “Literature in games” proved that products like The Little Ghost or Pillars of the Earth can capture audiences not only in their original book form. Awards like Game of the Year (2008 for Keltis) or Children’s Game of the Year (2006 for The Little Ghost) confirm our commitment in this direction. Our board games are played in many countries across the globe and are partly responsible for the success of German Games in the United States.

KOSMOS science kits an access to knowledge

Generations of children discovered their enthusiasm for science through KOSMOS science kits. In this respect, KOSMOS stands for innovation and quality, as well as safety in the execution of experiments. We are convinced that children learn better by actively trying out processes and that they can thus gain hands-on experience and understanding. Apart from the updated classics on Chemistry and Electronics, interested young people can also investigate, for example, the Fuel Cell or Solar Energy.

KOSMOS children´s books

KOSMOS books for children have traditionally been extremely successful. In this section we publish individual guidebooks on fascinating topics aiming at our younger readers. Mysteries of a different nature have to be solved by The three ???. For over four decades, the three detectives Justus, Peter and Bob have been investigating cases around Rocky Beach. They have many fans not only among children, but also among adults. Germany’s bestselling crime series for young readers is now in good company: Under the title The three !!!, a group of girls started to investigate in a secret mission and have already captured many young female readers – alongside series like My secret unicorn or Sheltie. Also on offer is a list of novels for readers aged twelve and up.

KOSMOS Quality

KOSMOS has always been and will always remain a guarantor for highest quality in books. games and science kits, including both content and product. This is not by accident but the result of our strategy. We cooperate with specialists worldwide and ensure, by certified agreements and on-site controls, that their production conditions comply with our standards.
We know what our customers are looking for: of course, our products are tested by target groups before entering the market. Our authors and staff are experts in their area and often themselves part of the target audience for whom they think, write and create.

Books, games and science kits by KOSMOS are not only made for momentary enjoyment; they might offer instant entertainment, but they are also long-lasting and enduring.